Prototype Pacers

There were (are?) at least 5 single car prototypes, astonishingly all seem to have survived.

1. LEV1 Leyland experimental vehicle - largely a development test bed - now at NRM York.

Above Leyland Experimental Vehicle 'in store' at NRM York Easter 1997 - J. Hall.

2. BRE-Leyland Railbus - driver sat on the left with a door to his right - two curved bus style windscreens

"Michael Beckett" <> reports 'Now residing at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum's Irish Railway Gallery at Cultra, newar Belfast (well worth a visit if you're ever in the area, if only to get on the footplate of No 800 'Meadbh') Regauged in the early 80s and sold to NIR for the Portrush Branch, but withdrawn a few years later without seeing much regular service, IIRC.'

Above page 347 of Modern railways August 1981

Above NIR Railbus Belfast York Road 14.06.86 by Martin Baurmann. He reports 'Rb3 was removed from Cultra at the beginning of this month (October 2000). It was to be transferred to the Downpatrick Museum Railway but is currently stored at Belfast Adelaide goods yard. The Belfast Telegraph reported that NIR are considering using it on a Lisburn to Antrim shuttle when Londonderry trains are diverted via the restored Bleach Green line next March. I doubt if it is reliable enough for this, it was notorious for failures in the 1980s'

3. Rail bus ?RE004? ‘the USA?’ driver sat on the left with a door to his right but 3 piece front screen like a 141 pacer and an aditional door about mid way down on at least one side - now at Embassy

Above and below Embassy Rly Easter 1997 - J. Hall

4. Rail bus ?RE002? ‘the Denmark?’ similar to the above but driver sat on the right with a door to his left. No sign of door mid way down the side. Note headcode boxes either side read 'BREL 75'

Both photos Martin Baurmann

5. US Railbus Leyland body on a chassis assembled by D. Wickham & Co for the US Federal Railroad Administration, driver sat on the right with a door to his left - two curved bus style windscreens. Photo on page 347 of Modern railways August 1981 is of ‘Administrator Jack Sullivan inspecting the completed bodyshell at Leyland’s Workington factory’

page 347 of Modern railways August 1981

the following photo was posted on Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998

Subject: Former Western Maryland BL2 working at Belington, (showing the railbus in the background)

From: "abc" <fred@fred> Organization: xyz

Following message from the driver of the ex-Western Maryland GM EMD BL-2 locomotive in the picture that also included the railbus:

We (Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR, contract operator of the WV Central own the bus. Acquired from a scrap dealer in Pennsylvania about 2 months ago. Amtrack (?) purchased it for the US northeast corridor on light density lines. They didn't consider it was too light to activate the signal system and cleaned some poor soul off a crossing while traveling 40 MPH.

Taken out of service immediately, stored for some time then donated to Steamtown Nat. Historic Site. They used it as a shuttle bus for a time. One of their volunteers decided the torque converter needed work, disassembled it, and couldn't stop it from leaking thereafter. Steamtown sold it to the salvage dealer and we bought it from him. The vehicle has <200 hours on the clock! We paid less than 10% of it's original $350,000 vehicle, pretty good 'eh?

The engine purrs like a kitten, we got the torque converter repaired and will use it on the Cheat River next summer - care for a ride?? That line was part of the WM between Elkins and Spruce (Cass Scenic RR). The line tops out at over 4,000' ASL near Spruce.

Following that David Hamersley caught up with LEV 2 (as the headcode box still reads) on 20/5/2000

A characteristic cloud of blue smoke!

At Spruce West Virginia Formally a CSX, previously Western Maryland, route which connects with the Cass Senic Railroad.

LEV 2 operates a tourist service between Cheat Bridge and Spruce (Nowhere to Nowhere!)

Above - at the junction with the Cass Senicc RR.

A production class 141 twin car railbus

Photo from rear cover of Rail Enthusiast May 1984

Most of these sets have now been sold for further use in Iran!

2 Car Class 142 Pacer at York Easter 1997 - J.Hall

3 Car class 144 Pacer at York Easter 1997 - J.Hall

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